Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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                                    The group outside of the Gondala! Ready to hit the slopes!

Hello College Station,Texas!  I'm back from Spring Break, and let me tell you it was the best last spring break that I could have ever asked for. It has been a while since I have written here, I blame the proffessors for trying to kill me the two weeks before spring break. There were nights of no sleep and lots of diet cokes... more importantly there were many memories made. Personally I feel like that is the purpose for senior year... to make memories. If this was a class I definitely would be passing with flying colors unlike this freshman math class that I am enrolled in. The past couple of spring breaks have been great, but I think this one trumps them all.

The week before Spring Break rolled around, I actually couldn't tell if it was spring break or not... I have been treating every week like spring break this year. But on Tuesday I received a phone call from a friend and the only word that came out of his mouth was VEGAS. Now in all fairness mom and dad I I was hesitant about this trip... I was already going to go to STEAMBOAT, CO to go skiing... but when this extra day or two was added... how was I supposed to pass this up? honestly, I know you wouldn't have done it either.. It took some convincing but I was IN. Let's do this. The kicker... I was leaving a day earlier... and skipping class. I can't sit here and act like I am anti-skipping class... in fact I am an advocate of skipping class. Some of my best times in college happened during a class that I was supposed to be in.. (guilty)

The trip got started with a crew of 4 of us heading west and stopping in New Mexico and staying with my family.. It was wonderful, they treated us like Kings and Queens... steaks, drinks, a wonderful breakfast and boys favorites many kodak moments. The stars that fill the sky in New Mexico outside of city limits is truly a site to see. The stars and the moons shine so incredibly bright lights are not needed. You would have to try NOT to see the beauty of God of there, as he painted such incredible sunsets and knows every star by name. The next morning we were on the road again to my future home COLORADO (Rockies are going to the series this year)! Road trips typically are NOT my favorite things for a few reasons: 1) boredom kicks in rather quickly 2)my unusally small bladder, that boys don't understand that YES I have to pull over every hour 3) I can't sleep...
                                              Allie Harrell, Me, and Preston Saur!

But this road trip...when you are in a car with Lance Casey and Rick Bennett... there will never be a dull moment. Lance likes to do this thing that when we were on the highway and on the right lane as a car approaches on the left he would lean his head on the window and pretend to be asleep. I know that I probably didn't paint the best of picture but honestly this was the funniest thing I have ever seen. As the cars would drive by immediately hitting the brakes and looking back to see this guy driving while sleeping... I have to say my reaction would probably be the same. HILARIOUS. Thanks for that lancer.

There is no way that I can tell you all about this trip... but I will try and sum it up with some things that I learned....

1.While in Vegas, you don't sleep.
2.NEVER step over a fenced off area in a casino
3.Rick Bennett does not stop to go to the bathroom every hour
4.We do things like it's our "jabby"
5.Locals don't build snowmen.
6.The one liner #VEGAS applies to all areas of life.
7.Kyle Fackler will be the BEST weatherman.
8.NEVER let the DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND EXTREME TERRAIN sign stop you from going down the run.
9.The Hoover Dam is HUGE. And with the right people you'll have a "dam" good time.
10.For $3.51 always get the IN & OUT BURGER... animal style!

                                                                The girls at dinner!

Spring Fling'11. Best decision I could have ever made. Including the pit stop to VEGAS. Although this year is coming to an end, I like to think I did SPRING BREAK 2011 right... absolutely RIGHT.
                                               #CollegeNoParents We did it right gang! :)

Choosing Joy & SpringFling'11,

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