Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2,1836.

Now for those of you who are not history majors like myself... this date would mean nothing to you unless you lived in Texas at ANY point of your life in the ages K-12.. right? because I think we learned the importance of this day each year and most likely spent a good week on cherishing it...

HAPPY TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY...(well technically I guess it was now yesterday..)
And yes it has to be this BIG... because everything is BIGGER in Texas... (yea sometimes not for the better, oh well what can you do) God Bless Texas ;)... ok ok.. PLEASE do not think I am one of those TEXAS PRIDE til I die kind of girls.. no no no. not me, duh.. I'm moving to Colorado!

I got to enjoy a little Houston rodeo last night and see Clay Walker with some of my girl friends... and let me tell you... He is definitely still SMOKIN' HOT! We also found out that we are going to go into runoffs for the campaigns that are going on. This truly is my favorite week of the year... minus rush week of course:) Some other good things that are going on here in College Station... the weather finally has warmed up and it has been BEAUTIFUL outside these past couple of days.. this is the time of year where it really becomes dangerous for me... the prettier the weather, literally the most physically harder it is for me to sit though class and to be honest a lot of the times I don't... also, HELLO MARCH, my favorite month of the year, HELLO MARCH MADNESS bring on the basketball... this is also dangerous because a lot of homework and reading also does not get done... Maybe this is why 2nd semester my grades are always worse?? Just a thought.

Most of my friends know that I have a favorite song.. this song however was not an instant hit in my book... I know that I've been listening to this song since around the age of 10..  I can remember my dad taking me to school(and at the time I went to a private elementary school) and he LOVES to embarrass me.. even to this day.. although now it is much harder for him to do... but he would take me to school and right as we would pull up to the drop off area he would roll down every window in the car and start BLARING what I thought out the time was the worst music that I could have ever heard. I was so embarrassed by this... it was music like: John Cougar Mellancamp, Boston, Journey and Eddie Money.

Yes, Eddie Money.. I said it. He is now my FAVORITE singer of all times and my friends know that solely because I have made them listen to him enough to where they have also given in and LOVE him too... with that being said this weekend a movie is coming out based on MY FAVORITE SONG OF ALL TIMES.. "Take me Home Tonight" by the one and only Eddie Money! You better believe I will be there to see it! I'm sorry dad for ever thinking you had the "gayest" music... you don't I was just naive to what was oh so good!

I suppose this would be a good time for me to get back to my readings on the civil rights movements.. oh the life of a history major :) May 13th is coming quickly! 

ChoosingJOY & RocknRoll,

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  1. Calpal I miss the blog! But more than that, I miss YOU!!!