Monday, February 21, 2011

And then the beat comes, and then she's moving on the dance floor..

Well ready or not it's back! The time of year that holds a special place in my heart and also at the same time that everyone loves/dreads all in the same.... CAMPAIGN SEASON! So tomorrow morning at 7:30 when all you unlucky people are driving to your 8AM classes(Rookie mistake) do not be caught off guard when you see people standing on the corners of campus holding their signs(most likely the sweet little fish in the corps, my brother for example holding signs for 5fortyell). Here is the thing about campaigning, I love it. I love it because it is competition and what better of competition that involves the bettering of our beloved school! Best of luck to all the candidates!

I LOVE the show the bachelor! I think it is because I live vicariously through each one of them... and NO not is in a sense that I am in love with brad.. because  I'M NOT. I just get hooked, emotions are high, roses are being handed out, girls are being catty... ha I feel like that may be every guys nightmare but for me I LOVE that I can watch it and laugh.... and then be able to turn it off and not think any more about it. For the most part I like to think I am a drama free person, I have told many people that I would not be very good on this show. I would be the girl that no one would know because I would just sit back and laugh at all of the others... But I truly have fallen in love with Emily this season... she's precious!

Something that I have been learning is that... our God can be and actually DESIRES to be what ever you allow Him to be in your life.. and the best part about it is that he is the perfect in ALL areas.. I know it blow my mind daily too. It is usual for me to ask the Lord to be my provider, and comforter... but even in the lonely times the Lord desires to romance us... and I know it was weird for me at first too... but as a girl, believe me there are times that you want to be loved and how beautiful to know that my God thinks the WORLD of me and that I am perfect the way that I am and DESIRES to provide a sensitive and romantic relationship with me... The Lord has just been blowing me away recently with all of His perfect attributes. I encourage you to think about the areas in your like that the Lord desires to fill your life... and LET HIM!

Beware tomorrow of the overwhelming campaigns going on... and freshman welcome to your first campaign season! Enjoy it, it makes our campus so uniquely beautiful (right britt.. ha)

Keep dancing & ChoosingJOY my friends,

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