Sunday, February 13, 2011

Save Me, San Francisco...

Well here we go... After having this thing set up for almost a little over a month now, I think it is safe to say that I am an official blogger. Now, what does that mean? Great question. I have no clue. I always loved the movies where the girl will sit down a type on a computer and e-mail/write her thoughts out...(ok, it could also be because "You've Got Mail" is one of my favorite do you not love the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan duo) Anyway, it has come to my attention that I thought I would like this whole blogging concept. Now before you read any further I promise you that:

1) you will not walk away any smarter than when you first started reading
2) chances are against me in that you will probably get bored pretty quick
3) if I some how embarrass myself on here, please continue to make fun of me in person.

So what is a blog? What am I supposed to even write on this thing? I suppose it should go off of what was the toughest thing for me to do so far... "create a title"! Talk about pressure. I went with the first thing that came to mine. "ChoosingJoy" So what does choosingJOY look like? ChoosingJOY can look absolutely different for everyone, because quite frankly we all live VERY different lives, and I am happy for that:) But in my life ChoosingJOY is a daily decision. Am I am going to wake up in the morning go to class, come home, eat and go to sleep or whatever my schedule may look like.. with or without the JOY that comes from the Lord in my life. When circumstances are tough, am I going to be seen ChoosingJOY in the midst of them? We have the choice each day in ChoosingJOY or not.. my challenge to you is, what will you choose?
 Ok, so if you can't tell I am a long winded person and can talk for hours, if you know me... don't let me.. it's exhausting to listen to...i know.

Now for the caption of the first blog, "Save me San Francisco"... This past weekend I had the chance to go see TRAIN in concert at the San Antonio rodeo with some of my dear friends! It was a blast... "Save Me San Francisco" is a title of one of their new songs (awesome...check it out)... and I also chose this because San Fran is a city i want to visit SO badly (pour one out for Kyle Matson)...

Here is one of my other favs by them : If It's Love

Well with ALL of that being said, first blog is COMPLETE... I hear the first is the hardest.. hope it's true 


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