Monday, February 14, 2011

"Happy Independence Day"- Brittany Davis.

Happy Valentine's Day!
or as a friend of mine would say "Happy Independence Day".... thanks Britt...

So here is the thing.. As I start to write my second post I am a bit confused.... I don't want to be a cheesy blogger, yes I may be a little blog self-conscious, but seriously! How do I approach this? I surely don't want to be "that girl" who says: "Dear Blog" "Hey its' me again"..
1) this is not an online journal
2) and duh it's me... who else would be writing this thing.. sometimes these things can go a bit over the top.

Welcome Valentine's Day 2011, the day where well most girls have spent the past week trying to find the perfect outfit, to wear on the perfect Valentine's Day date, and so with at the time their perfect boy.. or we have the other extreme.... those who can find NO happiness in what is well, just another day. Bitter at the world because they find themselves going to class in the same tshirt they wore the night before, not caring that their hair is needing to be washed, grabbing take out, and coming home to their roommates so conclude the evening with an intense love battle on The Bachelor...(will Brad get rid of that CooCoo bird Michelle this week??) - Right, now if you didn't get that.. I just described my day.. yet minus the bitterness.
I actually LOVE Valentine's Day...why you ask? Well, I love... LOVE. And no I don't really know what love is... Hey I'm 22... I have LOTS of time to figure things out.. but like I said, a daily decision in ChoosingJOY. So I am. I am taking refuge in that the Lord has demonstrated the most BEAUTIFUL love of all, His son Jesus and that absolute perfect gift of his life. (Romans 5:8) and that is something that we can all get excited about LOVE for:)
ChoosingJOY that I got to laugh with my best friends today, spent an awesome night with them, and ChoosingJOY that... yep Michelle is gone. (in the nicest way possible!)
As the night closes, choose JOY right where you are in life, it's a beautiful thing..

And honestly as every Valentine's day should end... with a little Taylor Swift


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  1. There is no way you should be blog self-conscious! You're great! And here is to your first comment!

    Keep ChoosingJOY, Cal!