Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hangin' With Hezekiah..

Hezekiah.. who the heck is that? Why am I hanging out with him? And why do I have a friend named that.... all 3 VERY valid questions. Let me see if I can help.

This morning I at church we studied Isaiah ch. 36-39 and these few chapters are over the life of my close friend here Hezekiah. So, let me tell you a little bit about him. He was the son of Ahaz and the King of Judah around the time of 700BC (yes, a stinking LONG time ago). Now, no I'm sorry I am not going to give you a Bible lesson, because many others could do a MUCH better job than I- so ask them. So why am I hangin' out with this guy... well hanging out, not so much. But can I relate to him? Absolutely.

So many times I feel that I am so good about going to the Lord in the tough times and being obedient to fall to my knees with a humble heart when things are not going smoothly. (Lots of us can relate to that) but it is truly when things are going great I quickly forget that the Lord is still the orchestrator of that and my pride quickly (just like my man Hezekiah's) once did too. We forget that everything good comes from the Lord and just as quickly we humble ourselves to fall on out knees when things are tough, we just be doing the exact same when things are cruisin'. Pouring one out for the King of Judah today.

God is not looking for a moment of TRUST, but a lifetime of TRUST. Every time that we are faced with a fearful situation, when we are anxious, worried, it is an opportunity for sure to show the world that HE is worthy of our TRUST! (how COOL is this!) Hoping that we can both follow and learn from your friend and mine Hezekiah!

On this beautiful day things that I remembered I LOVE:
1)Sunshine - I need the SUN to be back not so I can have warm weather but so I can lay out.. duh
2) Chipotle Salads- (right KFK)?
3) honesty
4)Spontaneous road trips to Austin with Brittany
5)The movie "Coyote Ugly"

This semester is quickly coming to an end, so crazy how fast things are going! So many things I want/need to do as a student at Texas A&M... although I must say, one by one things on my bucket list are being crossed off...

 Enjoy your night, in honor of the movie "Coyote Ugly" go take a look at the moon. And OH BABY... I have the FEVER!    

ChoosingJOY & trusting,

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