Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Behind these Hazel Eyes...

Kelly Clarkson(the Harrell sisters idol... yahooo Allie) wrote a song about about life as she feels behind her eyes, and while I am not 100% sure if you would say my eyes are hazel... I thought that the title of the song was fitting... and also going with the music theme that I have sort of set up.

Eyes can mean different things. Now before you think I am absolutely nuts let me explain! What are eyes used for? Duh, to see. Right. I think a lot of times in my life though I have a very selected vision and only allow myself to see that things that I WANT to see. For example, do I wake up every morning to look at images of hurt, poverty, starvation that is going on around the world? No. Why? Well because who would want to cloud their vision with hurt and brokenness? Not this girl! But in reality... it's truth and it's real. Now for my second definition of eyes.... when people look at me what do they see? Do they see the person that I truly am? Or are they seeing somebody that I again WANT them to see. If people had eyes on me at all time, would they see Christ in me? That is a question that I find extremely convicting. Now my last definition, how can I have the Lord's eyes when I look out into the world? I feel as if I would look, and take a much different perspective to a lot of things. Again, convicting.
Tonight we sang a song with the lyrics "We will fix our eyes on you.." (and the You being Jesus) Are my eyes fixed on Jesus? As much as I want to answer a confident YES to this question.. it is tough to do. My eyes wonder, just like my heart is prone to wonder from Jesus so do my eyes. They wonder to: goals, future, friends, identities... the list could truly go on and on. If my eyes were fixed upon Him, the next line of the song went "my heart is set on you..." WOW. It is a daily prayer that the Lord would give me His eyes and then to go about my day. Oh, but how quickly I ask of that and how quickly I forget and put back on my blinders. With all of this to say, I NEED my eyes fixed on Jesus daily and so often they wonder to what I WANT them to see. I WANT success, I WANT a family (eventually...ha), I WANT a career... and I get lost in the trap of fixing my eyes on these things and want a 20/20 vision on them, and the path that the Lord desires for me to see gets just a little big foggier. I long for my need and want to be one in the same, I suppose that is where discipline in asking and truly longing for my eyes to be what the Lord wants, not what I want to see comes in.

Now that there are a few definitions of EYES what will yours be?
1) The eyes that only see what you WANT them to see...
2)The eyes of what people see in you...
3) The eyes that you desire for the Lord to give you and see through His vision...

So badly I want to say well #3... but when I sit here and think about it.. what am I using my eyes for?
My challenge to you and myself, see through the Lord's eyes, they will bring you the most truth and most JOY.                    
Enjoy this: "With Everything" By: Hillsong

 ChoosingJOY and thinking about eyes,

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